Thursday, May 28, 2015

Eventful Weekends!

Hi friends!

Couple of weeks ago Ms. Numa invited me to join her with the officers to an ADTS ( this is a dance/drill team organization we competed in) staff training were we would learn dances and then record them for summer dance camp DVDs. The only problem was that it was the same day as our prom. But since we are such dedicated dancers :)) , we went all the way to Salado, which is like 3 hours away from North Richland Hills. We arrived Friday late afternoon and we practiced until late night, then the next day in the morning we recorded and then got in the car and headed straight to NRH. 

Lisa and I at the ADTS training :) <3

We danced a lot and it was really fun! But also tiring! So we all cuddled up and slept almost the whole ride.
Lisa was knocked out :)))!
And of course we needed a group selfie:)) As y'all can see, we needed some hardcore beautifying and we had like 3 hours to get ready for prom... It was pretty tough=))

After we finally go home and took a shower, I had to hurry to get to my make up appointment. It took forever... I was stressing out because I thought that I am not going to have enough time to do my hair, but the lady who did my make up, real quick gave me some cute beach waves :D She was my hero! I was running out of time! Prom started at 7 o'clock, and I had to be at my friends house at 6! I barely got home at 5:30. Somehow I was ready in time... but I'm telling you it was a rush... It was really stressful.

And then whenever I got to chill and relax a little bit, I realized that I left our tickets at home...So my host mom had to bring them up to me while we were still taking pictures.
But after that, I had the best time!

Since PJ became a really good friend of mine, he was my date to prom too! We had an awesome time and he was a great date :)

 Limo game on point :)) ;)! <3

I am really happy that at last I went to prom! It was awesome! Huge fun, but I wish it would have lasted longer :(


I was still pretty tired... But on Sunday we went to church. This was my first time at an American church, and it was a great experience. It is so much different than at home, it's literally like a concert and the building itself is like a big movie theater or something. They have a coffee shop, library, store and a little kids care in there. Although it was so different, I really enjoyed it. And it was a bonus that it was short too, not like at home where it takes like 3 hours, here it took like an hour.

My little Cassie<3333


After church we went to Senior Tea, which is like a farewell for the seniors and the old team.
It was really sad... My Dixie Belle carrier was officially over. I wish I could be a part of it a little bit longer :(

           OUR LAST TEAM PICTURE </3 :(

My lovely Melynn <3 I will miss her so much!

Last one with these two amazing directors <3

 Kazandra <333
Libs <333

I cried my eyes out ... :(
I will miss my Ale <333

             So now I am officially done... "I am out" 


Cuddling with my baby Carisa <3

We went to the movies for the last time with Jassmine and Cassie to watch Pitch Perfect 2. 
It was fun<33 Oh, I will miss them a lot :(


Saying goodbye to our seniors in dance class!:)

Chayenne <3
Gabby <3

And then to our little boy who is going to the navy :(
I'll miss him, Bye Kameron! :(

And the last squad pictures </3 :(

We went to Six Flags with the new team. Although I am not part of the team anymore :p
After Six Flags we had a sleepover in the dance room :d
It was fun to be with my team and have fun for the last time :(

Dancers be like .... let's just do tilt right here, right now =))

It started raining in the morning but later it stopped, but then after lunch it got really bad!! We got soaking wet! But I think we just had more fun :d we were so wet we didn't even care anymore :p 

Let's strike and American pose =))


That's it for now. Love you all <3<3 - B.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Adventures in TX !

Hey Guys!
I know that I kept promising that I'll write often but I am really busy all the time and I just really didn't have anytime. It's May already and this is going to be one of my last post, and also my last weeks in the USA as an exchange student. You all know how tough it was at the beginning and during the year, and I remember how everybody was like "Oh, just wait until the last months! You will like it so much that you won't come home!" ... Well when I heard that I was like "That can't happen, I can't wait to go home!!" But guess what!!! I changed..... And right now I wish that I would have a couple more months to spend with my American friends. This exchange year started off hard because I decided to change my host families. Several times after I changed I was thinking if I made the right decision so quickly. Now I know the answer. Yes, it was right because now I know not to rush with important decisions and give people some time. I had a lot of fun with my second host family,but I think that good and bad comes together, so after they told me to leave I was really disappointed, but really that moment when I moved out of the home where I was living for more than 8 months, and I have to change for the third time was the best thing what could happen to me. 
I moved in with my best friend Cassie, and since then my exchange year is nothing but pure fun and everything is so honestly awesome. So I think I have to say a thanks to my ex-hostfamily.
Anyways here are pictures like always with short stories and descriptions!

             Dallas Mavericks Game


This was my first NBA game! It was awesome! Really cool experience, even if (surprisingly) our team didn't win, I was cheering so loud I barely had any voice the next day :p And I also got a really cool snapback ;)

      Museum Time !

 It's a shame because I can't remember the museum's proper name... Don't judge.. It was a long time ago :)).. But it was really cool, they had a section with dinosaurs and other creepy undersea animals, than we visited a "Save the Earth" section with a lot of cool interactive games, they had a section with  cowboy and Texan stuff, also a space section but my favorite was when we went to a theater which was something I've never seen before. The screen literally was like a big bowl, it was surrounding us everywhere, and we were almost laying back in the seats because we had to look up right or left to watch the movie. It was great!

                           Boy Next Door

One weekend I went to the movies with Reyna, Kazandra. It was really fun, we watched The Boy Next Door and I had my first Chipotle! And since then Chipotle is my life too... :)))

Me and my lovely Cassie and also Reyna's hand ruining the picture... Before our last basketball game! It was sad when football season ended but basketball season was my favorite so I will really miss dancing on the gym floor with my girls.

          District Show@Colusem

We were performing our competition routines for the first time! District show was really fun, and we were having this show together with Birdville and Haltom High School!

Competition Season!

This was my favorite time of the whole year! Our team was working really hard, practices on Saturdays, until late night and every single "I want to go home, I am tired" worth it! It was so awesome I can't even explain! Our team was winner at every single regional competition, and now the Dixie Belles are also a National Champion Team!! 
Before I came to the US, my big goal was to be really succesful in dance , and to see how good I really am. Well, my dreams came true! I won every competition with my solo, 3 regionals ( 2 ADTS and 1 MA) and also the ADTS Nationals! I am extreamly happy and I hope that I made everybody back home proud! So all I can say that our competition season was EXTRA SUCCESFUL!!

@ our first competition at Rockwall!

Another solo 1st place :)

Solo Winners Circle !

1st place in duo with my amazing captain!

While we were getting ready for Nationals we hosted a team from Japan!! It was such a fun experience and finally I wasn't the only foreigner!:))
They even got us little Japanese snacks ❤️

Snow Days!!

When I heard that I will be an Exchange Student in Texas , I was pretty sure that I don't have to deal with cold or snow what so ever! But I was soooooooo wrooong!! Anyways, it was nice not to go to school for days, and just sleep in, drink hot chocolate and build snow men!

Medieval Times!

So... Is really hard to explain what is this, but basicly is a restaurant, but you have a dinner like back in the Medieval Times. You eat with your hands from little stonelike bowls, and while you are enjoying your food you get to watch a almost real tournament with horses, knights, Kings and Queens! We had this field trip with the dance class!

Shopping time!

 The time was flying so we were getting closer and closer to prom and Dixie Belle banquet. And i needed dresses!! These are some of my favorites. You will see which one are my chioces later on ..


 I am so so proud to be part of this amazing team. We worked so hard and it's awesome that we reached our big goal-> To be a NATIONAL CHAMPION DRILL TEAM! I feel that we earned our title, we literally danced our hearts out on the dance floor. All of us was fighting together to make our dream come true and make our directors and everybody else proud!

Here is the final amount of our trophies after the 2014-2015 season<3:


I love to go to different types of games and I for sure love them all. But hockey is one of my favorites! It's just so crazy, it grabs my attention and the almost 2 hours game seems like 10 minutes :)).  GO BRAHMAS!

Fund Raising!

During the year we did a lot of fund raising and extra work to get money for our competitions and for our end of the year banquet. I enjoyed a lot working and selling stuff. During the year I sold more than 900 candies, but working a day at Don Tacos with my ladies was really fun!

Student Choreography Concert!

This show has place every year really close to the end of the school year... It was really exciting but also really sad because it meant that I don't have a lot of time left as a Dixie Belle or an American student :( It was a little bit easier that I wasn't the only one close to an end, the seniors were going through a tough time, so at the end we were all crying together on each others shoulders :))

My Barbie girl, Libs<3
My awesome section leader Kandace <3

I can't even explain how blessed I am that I can call myself a dancer. Dance was my international language, that's how i expressed myself. It saved me in hard times, and brought me the happiest ones!  I met the most precious people and best friends! So I just kind of want to say a big thank you for the universe and my family that made everything the way it is! Perfect with all the little imperfections!


We were preparing a long time for the day of the banquet. This marked officially the end of our
 2014-15 team. I can't say it enough how glad I am that i got to be part of this team. I really made friends for life and I learned a lot of new things not just regarding to dance but also life lessons.
The banquet was really fun, we had a nice dinner, and our directors passed out awards, and our section leaders gave us some really lovely speeches and gifts. Then we were dancing, playing around and taking pictures in the photo booth.

My dear Alejandra <3 I will miss her so much! She was always there for me and helped me whenever she could, braided my hair and was a really good friend who I'll never forget.

Darian, my amazing captain! I love the fact how by the end of the year she was more my friend then my captain. I got to know her in a way I thought I will never. She showed me her sensitive and lovely side, what during the year was covered up by a strong captain and leader who wanted the best for her team! love her so much<3

Section 3 will be always the best section, and our section<3 We had so much fun together! And she is a beautiful dancer and lieutenant. Thanks to her for everything, for every minute she spent on me, she taught me the dances, and made me the best Dixie Belle I could possibly be<3 I'll miss you Kandace!

Aw man, I don't even know where to start! This girl is my Queen, she is one of my American sisters, my Mexican mom, my guardian angel. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I hope that someday she will for real understand how much she means to me and how much she helped me! She has no idea that without her, I don't even know where would I be or what would I do. Love my Reyna.<3 I'll miss her sosososososos much<3 :(

Miss Martin, she is so amazing! Sometimes I felt that she overestimated me. She would never stop helping me and be the best coach I can ask for! I love her and I will miss her jokes and her playful personality <3

Ms. Numa, at the beginning she was my strict director, but now I feel that I can trust her with anything and she became a really important person in my life. She taught me so much, and I will never forget her. Love her a lot, even if she said that she is going to kidnap me from my Mom, so I can stay with them, which is kind of scary :)) just kidding<3

Jazmine, she was an amazing officer, and now 2015-16 captain. I am really proud of her and thankful for everything she did for me!<3 love you.

My other little chica <3 We got so close and we became such good friends. I love the fact that I can tell you anything, that our music taste is the same, and I love how you crack up on your own jokes! I will miss your smile<3 love you Kazandra!

Sarah, my Valentine<3 Love her!

Lovely Libby<3 My true American Barbie !! I'll miss her, her girly and ditzy personality. Girl like no other!<3

Last but not least my awesome date ;) I will truly miss him, and all of his jokes. Thanks for all the memories PJ. <3

And for the end a little group picture with a quarter of my lovely ladies! 
(Me, Sarah, Kira, Alejandra, Lisa)

Love you all!!!<3

Exchange Student Camping!

It's almost time to go home, end before our departure we had a big exchange student camping at Joe Pool Lake with almost all the exchange students from around Dallas.
We had such a great time! I met these amazing guys, and now I just have more people to let go. I wish we would have stayed longer at the lake, not just one night, because it went by really fast..:(
I think by this time was when it totally hit me that I am leaving in a couple of weeks. It's such a bitter sweet feeling. I really want to see my friends and family back home, but I don't want to leave the American ones behind:(...


Just a cute picture with Cassie and Kazandra<33 love them so so so much!

As I said, I am not the only one leaving since they are some senior I got really close to. In this picture y'all can see my lunch crew. I was sitting with these guys every day from 11 to 11:30, having the funniest and weirdest conversations! I will miss them so much, and I wish them the best in the future and to be safe, especially my two little babies who are going to the navy. I hope sometime life will bring us all together again <3
( Kameron, Me, Cassie, Reyna, Ashton, Ben)

So I think,kind of, that's it for this post... :\  I am planning to write a couple of more about prom and stuff. So stay tuned!

Love you guys, -B <3


I thought that some people might be interested in something like this. I didn't want to put all this in the middle of my lovely post, but for sure I didn't want to leave it out either!
In my anatomy class we started cat dissection in the second semester for like 20 weeks. It was really fun, to be honest, I enjoyed it a lot. I know it sound weird that I enjoyed cutting and skinning a dead cat, but I promise it was really cool (fyi: I would never dissect a dog! (maybe...) ). At the beginning the smell was awful but by the time I got really used to it. My favorite part was skinning the cat, but by the time me and my lab partner, Paige realized that our cat must be a kind of mutated monster because Simba, that's the name we gave her, had an extra weird looking paw on each front leg, didn't have any eyes, we found a bullet in her side, and she was missing some bones too. So..... I bet this cat had a really adventurous life....:)).

 So cute!
Simba's first picture!<3

Me and Paige<3 The best lab partner ever!

Simba is already skinned! :d
Her little heart!!<3

Sadly we have to say goodbye to Simba but e did some other interesting dissections!

A huge pig heart!!
And the a cow eye!
The inside was so pretty!! I love when I find such beauty in unexpected places!<3

                        - THE END-